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A moment of relaxation in the Giant Mountains | Lake Hill Apartments

A moment of relaxation in the Giant Mountains | Lake Hill Apartments

06 September 2021

Rest is essential, so be sure to go to the Karkonosze Mountains,

to be able to admire the beauty of the local area.

Discover picturesque views, interesting places and monuments,

that hide not far from the Lake Hill Apartments.

Are you wondering what you can do in the Karkonosze Mountains?

Here are some of our suggestions for spending your free time actively:


Ruins of Prince Henry's Castle

You can even see them from the windows of our apartments, because they are very close. In fact, there are two paths leading to the Castle: one is flatter and typically for walking, and the other is steep and intended for active sports.

The panoramic views of the Karkonosze Mountains are breathtaking for all visitors, and the value of this place was appreciated by the owner of the estate in Staniszów, who in 1806 created a vantage point at the very top.

Entrance tickets to Prince Henry's Castle are also available at our Reception.


"Samotnia" PTTK hostel

One of the oldest shelters in Poland located at the Mały Staw Lake, leading to the highest peak in the Karkonosze Mountains - Śnieżka (1602 m above sea level).

You can get there thanks to the blue trail that starts at the Wang Temple in Karpacz, and you can also go down from the Strzecha Akademicka side.

There you will find accommodation, tasty food and a climbing wall. It will be the perfect stop while climbing the crown of the Karkonosze Mountains!


St. Anna at Dobre Spring in Sosnówka

It is a magical place, not only because of the magnificent views, but also the history of the chapel and the Good Spring.

As the legends say, every person who picks up water and circles the chapel seven times without shedding a drop is guaranteed happiness in love.

There are many similar folk tales, so it would be best to go there in person and see what the Chapel of St. Anna.


There are a lot of places to visit and admire in the area, where you can take a leisurely walk, practice various sports and relax in the bosom of nature.

Book our package A moment of relaxation in the Karkonosze Mountains - HERE or contact our Reservation Department at 75 619 98 00 or by e-mail at

Choose our spacious and independent apartments to be able to plan your vacation yourself, do not worry about anything and relax in your own way.


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