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Regulations of Lake Hill Apartments


§ 1

Subject of the Regulations

The Regulations define the subject of the provision of services, liability and stay on the premises of the Facility and is an integral part of the contract, the conclusion of which takes place by signing a registration card as well as by performing procedural steps, in particular by making a reservation and / or payment of a deposit or the entire amount due for the stay in the Facility. . By performing the activities listed in the preceding sentence, the Guest confirms that he has read and accepts the terms of the Regulations.

The regulations apply to all persons staying on the premises


ul. Tyrolska 2H and 2I, 58-564 Sosnówka

The Regulations are available at the reception of the Facility and on the website.



§ 2

Hotel night

The apartments are rented for hotel days.

    The hotel day lasts from 15:00 to 11:00 the next day.

       The request to extend the stay beyond the period specified on the day of arrival should be reported by the Guest no later than 19:00 on the day before check-out. The property will take into account the request to extend the stay, subject to availability of the apartments.

        The facility reserves the right to refuse to extend the Guest's stay in the event of failure to make full payment for the previous period of stay and in the event of failure to comply with the regulations.



    § 3

Reservation and check-in

The basis for the Guest's check-in is the presentation of an identity document with a photo at the Reception and signing the registration card. In the event of refusal to present an identity document in a manner enabling check-in, the receptionist has the right to refuse to issue a card / room key.

      The guest cannot transfer the room to other people, even if the period for which he has paid the fee for the stay has not expired.

       Due to the current epidemic situation in the country, it is not possible to host people who are not guests of the Facility

  The Facility may refuse to accept a Guest who has grossly violated the Regulations during the previous stay, in particular by causing damage to the property of the Facility or Guests, damage to the Guests, employees or other people staying in the apartments. The facility reserves the right to charge a cash deposit or block funds on the payment / credit card in the amount of the entire stay and additionally PLN 100 / day in the event of damage to property in the apartment.

       If the Guest resigns from the stay during the hotel night, the Facility is not obliged to refund the fee for the given hotel night.



§ 4

Services and additional services

The facility provides services in accordance with its category and standard.

    In the event of reservations regarding the quality of services, the Guest is asked to immediately report their reservations to the Reception, which will allow employees to react and improve the standard of services provided.

The facility is required to provide guests with:


Conditions for full rest;

Security of stay, including security of keeping the information about the Guest confidential;

Professional and courteous service in the field of all services provided in the Facility;

Disinfection of rooms and common areas;

Technically efficient service, and in the event of defects that cannot be removed immediately, the Facility will make every effort to change the room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience.

Additionally, at the Guest's request, the Facility provides the following services:

Provision of information relating to stay and travel;

Ordering a taxi;

All additional services, such as cleaning, staying with a pet or additional catering services, are additionally payable and must be paid for by guests on an ongoing basis.



§ 5

Guest responsibility​

On the premises of the Facility, children under the age of 16 should be under the constant supervision of their legal guardians. Legal guardians will be financially liable for any damage to equipment and technical devices resulting from the actions of children.

        The Guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the Facility caused by the fault of his or her visitors or visitors to the latter. The property reserves the right to charge the guest's credit card for any damage caused after his departure. The facility reserves the right to a separate and individual valuation of damage depending on the work necessary to remove the damage.

       In the event of a breach of the provisions of the Regulations, the Facility may refuse to provide services to the person who breaches them. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the demands of the Facility, to pay for any damage to the Facility.

       Each time leaving the apartment, for safety reasons, the Guest should turn off the TV, turn off the lights, close the taps and check that the door is locked.




Hotel responsibility

The facility is responsible for the loss of items brought by people using its services to the extent specified by the provisions of the Civil Code.

      The guest should notify the Reception about the damage immediately after its discovery.

The facility is not responsible for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, items left in it and live animals, regardless of whether these vehicles have been parked in the parking lot belonging to the facility or any other place on the premises of the Facility.




Return of left items

Personal belongings left in the apartment by the Guest who is leaving the apartment will be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at their expense. If such an instruction is not received, the Object will store the above-mentioned items for a period of 40 days, and after this period, these items will become the property of the Object. Due to their properties, food products will be stored for 24 hours.





There is curfew in the facility from 22:00 to 6:00 the next day.




Policy towards children

1. Children 0-4 years old stay in the Facility free of charge, does not include board-related services.

2. Meals from 4 to 12 years old - according to the price list.

3. Food for a person over 12 - according to the price list.

4. Baby cot - free.

5. A request for a baby cot should be reported at the booking stage. The number of cots is limited.




Policy towards animals

The facility accepts pets according to the valid price list and separate regulations available for guests with pets at the Reception.

The most important information:

The guest should report the will to come with the pet when making the reservation.

The facility does not accept dog breeds considered to be aggressive. List of aggressive dog breeds based on the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration of April 28, 2003: Pit bull terrier, Mallorca dog, American Bulldog, Argentine dog, Canary dog, Tosa inu, Rottweiler, Akbash dog, Anatolian karabash, Moscow watchdog, Caucasian Shepherd.

Only healthy animals with a health booklet, current vaccinations and confirmation of deworming are admitted to the facility. The reception may require presenting a health book upon arrival, and in the absence of valid vaccinations, has the right not to consent to the animal being in the facility and on the property due to the safety of other Guests.

The owner of the animal undertakes to provide him with appropriate equipment, e.g. a leash, collar, muzzle, bedding, litter box, food and water bowls, gravel, bags for faeces. A limited number of food and water bowls are available at reception.

It is unacceptable to use the towels and bed linen available in the apartment for pets. The facility does not agree to the presence of animals on beds and sofas, as well as to meet physiological needs within the room and other interiors.

The owner of the animal is obliged to cover the costs related to the repair or cleaning if the interior of the room is dirty (including carpets, mattresses or other equipment). The appraisal is made by the apartment manager.

The owner of the animal bears full financial and legal responsibility for damage caused by his pet to other persons, property and guests.

Staying with an animal involves an additional fee according to the price list.





Guests have the right to file a complaint in the event of noticing any deficiencies in the quality of the services provided.

All complaints are accepted by the reception.

The complaint should be submitted immediately after noticing the deficiencies in the standard of services provided.




Additional provisions

Smoking and e-cigarettes are strictly forbidden in the Facility outside of designated areas. Breaking the ban will result in a guest being charged 500 PLN.

         No dangerous goods, weapons, ammunition, flammable, explosive or illuminating materials may be stored in the apartments.

        It is forbidden to carry out canvassing and door-to-door sales, leaving advertising and election materials, as well as gambling activities in the Facility.

         Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the furniture and equipment in the apartments.

        Guests are not allowed to use devices and objects that may cause a risk of damage to property in the apartments and other Guests, in particular devices that may cause fire or flooding. It is permissible to use room equipment in the apartments.




Personal data

The administrator of personal data is Lake Hill 2 Sp z.o.o., Located at Aleja Jana Pawła II 12, 00-124 in Warsaw.

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