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Chojnik Castle in Zachełmie

Chojnik Castle in Zachełmie

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Chojnik Castle is a picturesque and the most-visited tourist route around Jelenia Góra. Built on the edge of a 150-meter cliff - Piekielna Dolina - in the past it was a true fortress that was never conquered.

Legend has it that the Castle gained bad fame. And all because of the beautiful but cruel Kunegunda - the daughter of a wealthy castellan. A daughter worthy of her father took an oath that she would give her hand only to the one who would dare to ride around the castle walls on a horse. Unfortunately, many of the eager knights were killed in the depths of the boulders of the Hell Valley. The years went by and castellan daughter’s beauty faded with each passing day. One day a mysterious young man appeared, he managed to meet the devilish condition of Kunegunda. He, however, came to the Castle to avenge all the poor who were killed by the maiden's pride. Shameful Kunegunda threw herself into the abyss, where many knights were killed.

Tyrolska 2 G
58-564 Sosnówka, PL

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