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At Lake Hill Apartments, we focus on balance and close contact with nature. Therefore, it is not without reason that we have chosen a location for our apartments that creates perfect conditions for rest and relaxation. Soothing views of the mountains and the Sosnówka Lagoon, the proximity of the forest and hiking trails, away from the hustle and bustle and traffic typical of tourist towns.

The architecture itself, the layout of the apartments and the location make our guests feel intimate and safe while maintaining a safe distance.

We apply all possible safety procedures while taking care not to disturb the atmosphere of rest and relaxation with excessive restrictions.

Below you will find a description of the rules related to microbiological safety applied in the Main Reception area and in the Lake Hill Apartments facility.


Our workers:

  • They pass inspection before starting work. We verify that there are no symptoms of: fever, cough, runny nose. We use non-contact thermometers, we verify each employee before and after starting work, and we record measurements.
  • They regularly disinfect their hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant and take care of their and their workplace hygiene.
  • Before starting work, they must wash their hands with soap and water.
  • They keep a mandatory distance from the interlocutor, min. 1.5 m.
  • They come by their own means of transport - we recommend employees to avoid commuting to work by public transport.
  • If any of the above symptoms are suspected, Employees are not allowed to work. They are advised to stay at home and see a doctor.
  • They are equipped with masks, visors, disposable gloves, disposable non-woven aprons.
  • They disinfect work stations after each shift.
  • We regularly ventilate and ozone the rooms after each guest stay.
  • We keep meetings and consultations to a minimum, we prefer contact by e-mail and telephone.
  • We have reduced the number of employees using common areas at any given time.
  • We have introduced the obligation to use personal protective equipment by hotel suppliers.
  • We have developed procedures to be followed in the event of a suspected infection situation and we have trained staff in this regard.
  • Work stations are at least 1.5 m apart.


  • At the entrance to the Apartments and in the common areas, we have set up touchless devices or dispensers with hand disinfectant.
  • A package with basic protective equipment (mask, 50 ml disinfectant) is available to all guests at the reception.
  • At the reception desk and in the apartments, we have provided information on how to care for hand hygiene, which is the first and indispensable preventive condition for the spread of COVID-19.
  • For our guests, at the reception desk, we have provided the telephone number to the health department and the nearest doctor. If you suspect COVID-19 infection, please contact the reception immediately.
  • Our guests in a situation requiring medical assistance receive support from the Reception in determining the location and contacting the nearest medical unit.
  • We encourage guests to wash their hands regularly with soap or liquid disinfectant, according to the instructions available in the hotel bathrooms.
  • We encourage guests to maintain safe distances in personal contacts.
  • There are hand disinfectants in apartment bathrooms and public areas, reception and restaurant.
  • We have introduced an absolute ban on people not staying in the hotel.


  • We regularly exchange air and ozone the rooms after each stay for at least one hour.
  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect with the utmost care all surfaces such as the countertop, tap, toilet seat, door handles, switches, controller, TV remote control, telephone.
  • We have reduced the routine cleaning of rooms, which is now done only on guests' request.
  • In each apartment in the bathroom there are safety measures for disinfecting hands.
  • The employees of the housekeeping department are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment (visors, gloves, non-woven apron, masks). After finishing work in a given apartment, the cleaning person takes off the gloves, disinfects hands and introduces such things as bedding, towels into the apartment.
  • After each guest, we carry out routine cleaning of the apartments and disinfection of all touch surfaces, including ozonation.


  • We have introduced a security zone to keep a safe distance between our guests, min. 2 meters.
  • Only 1 guest may stay at one reception desk.
  • We limited the guest service time to the necessary minimum, while maintaining the highest standards of service.
  • Reception staff serve guests in masks or helmets and disposable gloves.
  • We recommend our guests to make cashless payments.
  • We regularly disinfect all the reception equipment, i.e. table top, payment terminals, registration cards, room cards, pens, tablets, keyboards, computer equipment, telephones.
  • We have installed a protective partition on the reception desk.
  • Reception stands are 1.5m apart.
  • We provide unlimited access to disinfectants in the reception hall.
  • During the check-in, we inform our Guests about the applicable security procedures and we ask them to sign a declaration of acceptance and commitment to comply with them.
  • In order to avoid queues, we recommend settling the payment for the stay during check-in or the day before departure.
  • The reception hall is kept daily for a minimum of one hour.


  • Before entering the restaurant, there are hand disinfectants, each guest using it is required to disinfect their hands.
  • Meals are served according to current government guidelines. More information can be found in hotel brochures or at the Reception.
  • Currently, meals are served in the form of catering, with collection at the restaurant. Consumption is possible in the apartments.
  • The restaurant is currently out of use.
  • The cutlery is kept under germicidal UV lamps.
  • The staff serves guests in disposable gloves, masks and helmets, which are changed regularly.
  • Our chefs work in gloves, masks and helmets.
  • All meals are prepared in sterile conditions in accordance with the principles of HACCP and Sanepid.
  • The products used for the production of meals are kept under UV lamps.
  • We recommend that guests pay by card.


  • There are hand disinfectants in the Lobby Bar area.
  • In the Lobby Bar, meals and drinks are given to take away in accordance with the new restrictions.
  • The staff is equipped with protective masks, disposable gloves and helmets.
  • Each time we disinfect the equipment of the Lobby Bar (expressas, shakers).
  • We recommend that guests pay by card.


  • We have provided contactless dispensers of agents or dispensers with liquid for hand disinfection in public places.
  • In apartment bathrooms and public areas there are antibacterial soaps and instructions for proper hand washing.
  • We regularly disinfect door handles, handrails, buttons in elevators, seats and tables in public areas.
  • We have introduced the elimination of objects that can be contaminated from the hotel space. We have removed, among others marketing materials from common areas.
  • In the hotel premises, there are litter bins enabling segregation and they can be opened without contact.
  • We limit the number of people staying in common areas at the same time.
  • Common parts are cleaned by people equipped with the necessary protective equipment, i.e. disposable gloves, masks and visors.

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